short story

Topics: The Reader, Fiction, Rain Pages: 3 (1740 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Kevin Yuan
“What the hell you looking at mate? Have we ever met before? You started this! ” An outrageous yell from the liquor store passed all the way across the street. Jimmy is trying to pick up a fight with a boy half the size of his and not even one fourth the age of his. Jimmy lacks patience and gets mad very easily. He is turning 69 next Saturday and he is still a mad man as he had always been. Jimmy lives in a shack by himself an hour away from the town. No one knows how long he has lived there for and no one ever wonders. Everyday he shows up at the liquor store to buy a pack of Red Marlboro, and then he goes straight to the grocery store for chocolate milk.

It was raining rapidly and everyone hurried from one place to another, with their enormous umbrellas blocking their faces. Everybody seems to be in a terrible mood maybe due to the weather. “ Damn the weather.” Jimmy walks out the liquor store and tries to light a cigarette with his lighter. It started to rain even harder, Jimmy stands in the rain, cursed and cursed over the weather, his cigarettes, people in this town, their umbrella and everything he could think of in his mind, after standing in the rain for nearly 20 minutes, the stubborn old man is still trying to light his soaking wet Marlboro. Yes, maybe he is simply not smart enough to realize that it is raining. “ Old man, cigs ain’t never getting lighted in the rain. Going inside might do you a big favor.” “Where did hell did boy come from? Who does he think he is?” Jimmy thought to himself. He was shocked and outrageous. He loses his temper instantaneously and grabs the boy under his arms. The boy starts to scream and cry “ How dare you dirty old bastard! Drop me off! My dad will not go easy on you! He is Tuco!” Jimmy has heard the name before, He never liked Tuco. Tuco is in charge of all the tabacco and chocolate made products. Tuco is a man with an enormous amount of money and power, he has gained power, money,...
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