The Man from the South

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The Man from the South
Roald Dahl was born in Wales in 1916 and died 23 November 1990. He was a British and Norwegian author. His parents were Norwegians, Harald Dahl and Sofie Magdalene Dahl. One of his most famous adult stories is The Smoker also known as Man from the South was filmed as an episode of Alfred Hitchcock presents. His first children book was The Gremlins, published in 1943. ( 14.09.2010 )

At the start the narrator is sitting by a table and a man asks him if he can sit down. They are watching Americans Cadets and English girls in the swimming pool. Then a cadet and a English girl ask to sit down, and then they also sit down. The cadet offers a cigarette to everyone. When he's going to light the cigarette between his lips, the little man says: "That will not work in this wind." "Sure it'll work. It always works" the cadet answers. The little man starts a discussion. The little man wants to bet with the cadet. The little man says "If the lighter lights ten times in row, the cadet gets the little man's Cadillac" and "if the lighter doesn't light, the little man gets the cadet's little finger on his left hand". First the cadet doesn't like the bet, but agrees after some discussion. Then everyone goes to the little man’s hotel room where the bet is going to take place. First, Carlos says, "we have a little Martini". Carlos tells the narrator that he is the referee and the English girl is the witness to the bet. After the little man gets the chopping knife from his maid, he prepares for the bet. The cadet has to have his hand on a table, so the little man can take his finger as soon as the lighter fails to light. After some time, the lighter has lighted eight times and then the door to the room opens. A lady comes in and takes the chopping knife from the little man’s hand and throws it on the bed. Then she starts to speak to the little man, and tells them that he has nothing and the lady lady own the...

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