Short Story

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Short Story Assessment
Choose one activity to complete from the short stories read in class. All of these activities require that you combine information provided with creative output. Do not change the facts, characters, or themes of the stories. However, you may fill in blank spots with added information where necessary. You will be evaluated in the following categories: Thinking, Communication, and Application.

1. Make a mobile of five objects important in at least two short stories. Explain their significance to understanding themes and characters.(75 words each) 2. Write a spoken word poem from the perspective of ONE character in ONE short story. Your poem must reveal your character’s motivations and reactions. Perform. (about 2 minutes) 3. Write an objective news article covering the events of one of the stories (250 words). Include eye witness accounts, expert opinions and photos. Here you may elaborate on the content to create a detailed account. Use the upside down pyramid to organize your ideas. 4. Continue a story for 250 words or more. Ensure you preserve the author’s writing style. Ask your teacher for a dialogue handout. 5. You are a defence lawyer defending one of the characters from the story who is on trial for a crime. Prepare your closing argument speech defending your character. Ask for the persuasive argument graphic organizer. (250-300 words). Present. 6. Make a list of 8 proverbs or familiar sayings. Decide which characters from the stories you read should have followed each suggestion. Offer a short paragraph for each (PEE). 7. For each short story, complete each of these ideas with material growing out of the stories you read: This story made me wish that…, realize that…, decide that…, wonder about…, see that…, believe that…, feel that…., and hope that….. 8. Create yearbook entries for THREE characters (100 words each) from three different stories. Offer information on the following:...
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