Short Story

Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Edgar Allan Poe, Girl Pages: 3 (1107 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Latasha Hudson
Dr. Bennett
April 5, 2013
English 1101
Summary on “Eve’s Diary”
Eve’s diary chronicles Adam and Eve’s first days on earth from Eve’s point of view. Eve is a curious creature who is learning more and more by the day. God is giving her names for the animals and plants as she comes across them although she does not know where the names are coming from. She longs for Adam to talk to her and be around her but he seems to have no interest in her or what she likes. Little things such as the moon rising and falling fascinate her. She wishes to make the most of her life. She makes many friends with the animals since she feels that Adam does not want to be involved with her. Things change after they eat the forbidden fruit. She has fallen in love with Adam and is not sure why. She feels that she can love him for his endearing qualities that he has and she can love him without them. She discovers that he is made for her, for she is a woman and he is a man. She want to spend the rest of her life with him and prays that whenever the time comes, that she will be the first to go because she is weak and he is strong.

Summary of “Little Red Riding Hood”
This short story is the classic tale of a little girl in a red cloak going to take her ill grandmother some baked goods. This is the first known publication of Charles Perrault’s story. Little Red Riding Hood was loved by her mother and even more so by her grandmother, who made her a red hooded cloak to wear out and about. The little girl was on her way to her grandmother’s house when she encountered a wolf. The wolf offered to visit her grandmother as well. They took different paths to the house, the wolf taking the shortest. While Little Red Riding Hood was distracted by the scenery, the wolf would appear at grandmother’s house first with the intention of eating her. The wolf came up with the idea of dressing up as grandmother before the little girl arrived. Along comes Little Red Riding Hood...
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