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Topics: Little Red Riding Hood, Green, Fairy tale Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: November 3, 2014
ow it is time to write your body paragraphs. You have already planned these in your outline. Refer to your outline and watch the slide show on how to write body paragraphs.

Little Red Riding Hood—Text Version

Green Light / Go

Audio: To help us develop our writing, it helps to think of our paragraph as the stages of a stoplight. At a green light, a driver puts his or her foot on the gas pedal and proceeds to "go." When we write, we begin a paragraph with a topic sentence that clearly states the point of our paragraph. This sentence tells us where the paragraph is going to "go."

We usually think of fairy tales as pleasant stories for children; however, "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Snow White" use frightening encounters with unfamiliar people to teach children not to trust strangers.

Yellow Light / Slow down and take caution

Audio: At a yellow light, a driver slows down. In our writing, we need to slow down and give specific examples, facts, or details.

In the story of "Little Red Riding Hood," a young girl is greeted by a wolf in the forest. She stops to talk with the wolf and tells him that she is on her way to visit her grandmother.

Red Light / Stop

Audio: At a red light, we stop. In our writing, after we have given an example, fact, or detail, we need to stop and explain how that example, fact, or detail proves our point.

Sharing her destination with the wolf turns out to be a bad choice. When Little Red Riding Hood arrives at her grandmother's house, she finds her grandmother looks much like the wolf that she met in the forest. She notes her grandmother's large ears, long nose, and sharp teeth, to which the wolf replies, "All the better to eat you with!" Innocent Little Red Riding Hood is spared by a hunter who happens to hear the exchange between the girl and the wolf. As if the fear induced by a scary wolf that threatens to eat a child does not communicate the message clearly enough, the tale closes by saying,...
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