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For many people shopping is not just buy what they need. It’s a hobby, a fun way to spend time with friends, do some exercise and experience things. For me, shopping is very stressful, especially during the sales. The shops are full of people, you don’t find what you want and you have to wait for a long time top ay for clothes. I prefer to buy online. Buying online has a lot of advantages, you can buy at any hour of the day, looking for a particular brand name, you can stay at home… It give us the possibility of compare prices, because you can look for the same articles in many diferentes shops. But shopping online has also a few disadvantages. For example, you have to wait for days or even for weeks to receive the product, can’t see the product and feel the material and the most important one, you have to give your bank details and you can be the victim of a fraud. We also buy services or products that bring something different to the conventional shopping. For example, training in virtual platforms offer advantages without having to travel or with strict schedules. It’s also posible to contact tutors and teachers to resolve doubts through tutorials chat and video conferencing. Hypermarkets and supermarkets offer in addition to his service in shop sale online, so people that have scheduling problems for shopping os displacement problems can make the purchase from home with the assurance that are quality products. I’m in favor of buying online because is easier and you have more products to choose. But we have to buy wisely in pages which offer fully trusted.
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