Shiseido's Brief History

Topics: Shiseido, Arinobu Fukuhara, Rosō Fukuhara Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: September 7, 2008
Shiseido, a Japanese based company integrated with America’s technology and business methodology. The name Shiseido derives from a Chinese expression meaning “praise the virtues of the earth which nurtures new life and brings forth significant values”. In line with this expression, their founding spirit of “serving their customers and contributing to society by integrating all things on Earth to create new value” lives on in their corporate mission of “identifying new, richer sources of value and using then to create a beautiful lifestyle.” This policy has led to high-value-added products and services in the cosmetics and other business promoting people’s beauty and well-being.

The founder of Shiseido, Arinobu Fukuhara has introduced the western-style pharmaceuticals to Japan in 1872 when herbal medicine was still mainstreams; amend the poor quality of pharmaceuticals sold to the public previously. It was considered as Japan’s first private western style pharmacy on the Ginza, the cultural and fashion hub of Japan. This pharmacy grew to become one of Japan’s oldest surviving companies as its research and development oriented business methodology.

In 1902, Arinobu was inspired to introduce the American culture to the Japanese public by bringing the Japan’s first soda fountain. The fortune was on his side as it later grew into the Shiseido Parlour restaurant business which makes him introduce another rare production in Japan at the time, ice cream.

The foundation of Shiseido laid over a century ago, its pioneering spirit that combines eastern aesthetics with western science and business technology, continues to live on today to serves as the underlying philosophy of Shiseido’s corporate activities. Shiseido established it Five Management Principles in 1921.

Quality First:
Shiseido's constant quest for the highest possible quality standards has supported its activities for close to a century.

Coexistence and Co-prosperity:
Shiseido seeks to...
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