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Sephora company research paper
Company overview
Sephora is a French brand and the biggest cosmetics retailer in the world. In 1969, Dominique Mandonnaud built the first Sephora store in French Limoges. He chose an open-sell environment to sell his cosmetics. In his store, customers could experience a totally different shopping journey like visiting and exploring a beautiful cosmetics free land. His special selling model was very popular in that time, and then he opened couple of chain stores. Until now, Sephora still retains this useful and comfortable selling model in stores. In 1994, the cosmetics store used “Sephora” as its name. “Sephora” came from the Greek word “sephos” which means beauty and “Zipporah” which from Moses’ beautify wife’s name in the bible. This name is completely matching the store’s mission statement. In 1997, Sephora became a part of French conglomerate LVMH(Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennessy). Currently, Sephora has approximately 1,300 stores spread 27 countries in the world. It provides different kinds of products range from skin care goods, fragrance, to hair care and make up items.(1) As a beauty industry, Sephora’s missions is to deliver superior products, to make people attractive and beautiful, to create value and to make significant difference in beauty industry.(2) 4p’s implement

Sephora chooses to sell multiple brands and covering different kinds of products

such as make up, skin care, fragrance, bath/body, hair, tools/ accessories. They also sell men’s products. These brands include Sephora’s own brand—Sephora collection and other brands from different companies around the world such as DIOR, YSL, BENEFIT, and ORIGINS etc. Multiple brands can reach different types customers’ requirements. In other side, Sephora has a special product that is beauty and trendy service. For example, customers can get professional makeup, have hair styled and doing nail manicure and pedicure in Sephora’s store. Also customers can get the information about the new trend in current time, such as new trend for nail and make-up products. Through using these services, Sephora has more chances to reduce the competition in the beauty market. (3) Special shopping experience is Sephora’s another successful part. Sephora provides a lot of products for customer trying freely, including makeup items, skinning care items, and nailing items, and fragrances. This is a smart marketing approach; it can help Sephora catch more potential customers. Especial for beauty products, customers need to touch and feel them directly. Sometimes, customers went to the store just walking around, but if they tried some products occasionally, they might buy it. In long time, it will bring more and more customers back and purchasing in the store. Moreover, Sephora’s fresh and exclusive shopping experiences not just create amount of value for the company, but also proving a lot of benefits for the customers. Place

Sephora uses multiple channels to operate stores. The first channel is physical store. Generally, Sephora was opened in the shopping mall or metropolitan areas, because most mall and metropolitan areas have a lot of foot traffic, such as Sephora physical store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan NY where a huge number of tourists visiting. There is a report about the first Sephora store in downtown Manhattan said it did $10 million in sales at first year of operation. (4). In 2006, Sephora chose to corporate with JC Penney and operated some mini store in certain locations of JC Penny. Until 2010, Sephora opened 161 store-in-store locations that bring $1 billion in sales. (5) The second channel is online store. In 1999, Sephora built the first online beauty website- providing comprehensive beauty products and customers’ feedbacks. When customers searching the products online, they also can get some information about the products from other users. It is a...

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