Shezan Strategic Analysis

Topics: Financial ratio, Financial ratios, Gross profit margin Pages: 89 (14318 words) Published: November 10, 2014
We would like to express our gratitude to all those who helped us during the whole of our project. We gratefully acknowledge the help of my supervisor, Mr. Fareedy who offered us invaluable advice throughout the project. He has spent time and energy to aid in the completion of this project and none of this would have been possible without his patient instructions, insightful criticisms and expert guidance. We would also acknowledge the enormous support and advice received from my Ms. Hadia Yasir, without whom this project would not have been of the quality that it is now.

Table of Contents
Chapter I: An Insight into Shezan5
Brief History6
Mission statement8
Product Mix10
Industry Structure16
Porter’s five forces model17
Juice Positioning19
Competitive strategy20
Chapter II: Functional Areas21
Research & Development22
Supply Chain22
Marketing and sales28
Information systems30
Human Resource31
Organizational Structure32
Organizational Culture33
Chapter III: Financial Performance34
Financial Analysis35
Analysis of Income statement36
Analysis of Balance sheet38
Profitability ratios analysis40
Overall Profitability analysis43
Liquidity Ratio Analysis44
Financial Leverage45
Activity Ratio Analysis48
Chapter IV: Analysis of Strategic Viability50
SWOT Analysis51
External Factor Analysis Summary54
Internal Factor Analysis Summary55
Strategic Factor Analysis Summary56
Internal-External Matrix57
SPACE Matrix57
Plotted SPACE Matrix58
TOWS Matrix59
Value Chain Analysis60
Grand Strategy Matrix61
Portfolio Analysis62
BCG Matrix63
Chapter V: Shezan Strategic Plan65
Strategic Plan Overview66
Corporate Development Stage68
Research & Development71
Marketing and Sales73
Human Resource75
Organizational Structure76
Organizational Culture76
Information Systems77
Applied Models78
New BCG Matrix78
McKinsey’s 7-S Framework79

Shezan International Limited was incorporated in 1964 as Pioneer in juices in Pakistan, having mission to produce the largest food processing unit to meet the country’s local as well as export needs.  Since then it has continued to provide quality products to its customers with products and packaging innovations. This report covers broad areas of marketing, finance, management and operations of Shezan international limited. An important part of this report comprises of financial analysis of Shezan international limited with its two major competitors Nestle and Tops. The analysis of the company is done through different measures and tools of analysis used by analysts in order to analyze companies. These measures include the analysis financial statements, short-term liquidity analysis, capital structure and solvency ratios, return on invested capital ratios, asset utilization ratios and analysis of profit margin ratios etc. The study covers all the aspects usually considered by the stakeholders of the company. The profits and losses, liquidity position, changes in owner’s equity, movements in assets and liabilities, and all such factors will discussed later in the report. Another important portion of the report comprises of the current operations of the company, which is the strategic management. A comprehensive detail is provided about the company’s strategies devised to maintain and develop the product line of juices. The results have been interpreted and critically analyzed to propose new strategies for the improvement of Shezan international. We also have analyzed the current business strategies of Shezan international and based on the results of financial ratios and other market and industry analysis, we have proposed some new strategies. These new strategies aim...

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