Sherlock Jr. plot segmentation

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Sherlock Jr. (Buster Keaton, 1924, 44m)
Plot Segmentation
I. Opening Title Cards
A. Joseph M. Schenck presents Buster Keaton in “Projectionist”, A Metro Attraction B. Directed by Buster Keaton
C. Story by Jean Havez, Joe Mitchell and Clyde Bruckman, Photography by Elgin Lessley and Byron Houck, Art Director, Fred Gabourie, Electrician, Denver Harmon D. Distributed by Metro Pictures Corporation, Controlled by Loew’s Incorporated E. Passed by the National Board of Review

II. Act One
A. Exposition
1. There is an old proverb which says: Don’t try to do two things at once and expect to do justice to both. This is the story of a boy who tried it. While employed as a moving picture operator in a small town theater he was also studying to be a detective. Dissolve to: B. Projectionist sitting in theater alone reading book entitled “How to be a Detective”. 1. Projectionist licks thumb and places it on the book. He then examines the print with a magnifying glass. Man walks in to find a mess on the floor, “Say –Mr. Detective– before you clean up any mysteries—clean up this theater.” Sherlock Jr. carelessly cleans it up. 2.“The girl in the case. –Kathryn McGuire”. Short scene of a girl feeding a dog. The girl’s father had nothing to do so he got a hired man to help him.” –Joe Keaton –Erwin Connelly. Short scene of father and hired man. 3.Projectionist continues to clean. He wanders over to a shop window and gazes inside. He sees something he wants for $3 but only has $2. He asks the clerk if she will sell it for $2. She says no and he returns to work. He battles with a piece of sticky trash and ends up placing it to stick to another man’s shoe. This man is introduced as “The local sheik.” –Ward Crane 4. Another man gazes into store window at the same $3 item, but has no money. After tipping his hat at the clerk, he departs. 5.Back to Projectionist cleaning. He finds a dollar in the trash pile, pockets it, and starts off for the store again. A lady approaches asking him if he found her dollar she lost. He asks her to describe it. After she describes it, he hands the dollar over. Another lady approaches claiming she lost a dollar as well. Projectionist reluctantly hands over a dollar. A man appears, assuming he wants his dollar back, Sherlock hands it over, the man refuses and rummages through the pile to find a wallet full of cash. 6.Sherlock heads back to the store with his single dollar and buys something for $1. He leaves the store and writes in $4 on the box. He skips up to a house and knocks. C. “The Girl” answers the door.

1. Sherlock enters and the two stand there awkwardly. She invites him into another room. 2.The same man that was at the store with no money shows up at the house and walks in. Noticing that Sherlock has gotten The Girl a gift, he steals a pocket watch from a coat pocket and pawns it for $4. 3.The man buys the $4 gift and leaves the store, while Sherlock awkwardly holds The Girl’s hand. The man suddenly appears back at the house and interrupts. When presented with the man’s gift, The Girl’s attention is drawn away from Sherlock. 4.The Father comes into the room and announces that his watch has been stolen. Sherlock pulls out his detective book and Rule 1 says to search everybody. The man who stole the watch notices and plants the pawn receipt in Sherlock’s pocket. 5.Sherlock says that he will take charge of the case and start by searching everybody. After searching everybody and finding nothing. The man who stole the watch says that Sherlock should be searched. The pawn receipt is found and Sherlock is banned from the house. The Girl returns the ring Sherlock gave her and he leaves. Sherlock follows the man that stole the watch. 6.Sherlock tails the man for a while and ends up at a train depot. The man realizes he is being followed and locks Sherlock on the train. Sherlock...
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