Tips to Save Money Time & Water

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Good Actions:-
* Health Management:-
* Tiffin System Best System: Whenever you go out for work it is obvious that you will feel hungry and thirsty. So keep a Handful of Sand-fried Chana in Tiffin and carry a bottle of water. It will prevent you from taking Junk Food; saves money will keep Diabetes under Control and will save money from buying Mineral Water Bottle. * Never Eat Fried Rice: Just avoid eating Jeera Rice, Ghee Rice, Tomato Rice etc. * Never take everything upon yourself: If any dog barks at you, then think that it is barking at someone else. If you take something upon your own ego, then you will simply feel negative. * Exercise Time & Lunch Time: Always save your health for yourself. Don’t ever think that giving up the time of exercise or Lunch will do any benefit to Office, Business, Wife or Children or Student anyone will make them happy. When it is the time to exercise just do that and forget everyone else. Relieve your Mobile * Extra Dumbbell: Make Extra Dumbbell with all the Papers that you have. * Walking Up-to Office: Walking up-to Office will save Your Auto Bhara as well as burn those extra Fat making you smarter. * Pizza Mania: Instead of Pizza, Pakoda, Gupchup, Chocolates, Roadside Omelets, Momos and Junk Food. I ate Moong thus saving Health as well as Money. * Exercise at Offshore: I worked in Treadmill in Offshore thus burning calories in Off time.

* Dreams: Don’t dream for good things to happen with you as a matter of chance. Be ready and dream of yourself in extreme bad condition and how you fight and get off that situation then only you will succeed. If you dream of rain good harvest then do make a clear notion that bad time is going to come. If you think of Bad Times, Exams then do make a clear notion that good time and success is about to come. Make a clear scene, that even if friends are not loyal, then how will fight with them in such a situation. * Desalinate the Body: Desalinate the Body by taking 3 Liters of Water in the Morning Once in a while. * Walk inside Office: Don’t sit longer lingering towards your Computer. * Night Walk: I walked at night and burnt extra Calories and kept Diabetes a Day away. * Pesticide Free: I bought Skin Covered Peas. Clearly Peas cannot be harmed with various Dust & Dirt and Roasted them on Tawa and ate it as food. (High on Proteins) * Cut down Salt Intake: I tried to cut down sodium intake thus getting B.P. down at cheaper rice. Desalinate your Body and it will help you I long run. * Natural Remedy for Dysentery: I ate Chana and that helped me to keep away from Dysentery and also was a naturally a good substitute for Metronidazole. I ate Idly and it was easily digestible. Sattu a Byproduct of chana is very useful in making Morning Breakfast. Litti a common Bihari cuisine usually last long and can be used in journeys. * Aloe Vera, Kalmegha & Curry Leaves: I grew some Aloe Vera in thrown Gamla to maintain Heat as well as cut down food Expense on Heavy Morning Breakfast (Pesticide Problem). * Sand fried Groundnut: Keep sand fried Ground nut in office and eat it in leisure. * Cook & Doctors are Silent Killers: Once anyone has Heart Attack the Doctor will not care for you. They won’t jump and come or your rescue. You have to think and monitor yourself beforehand. If you fail to do such things then you are putting your life in real danger. You buy Momo, Burger, Omelette, Pizza, Pan Parag, Ciggarette, Pass Pass etc from road side cooks and directly wash them off inside your mouth. By doing so you put your life in Real Danger. * Descend facing towards Ship: While descending down from a height face toward the hill not the valley. * Oil Massage: Oil Massage Rejuvenates Muscles and tones up the nervous system of the body. It also activates the alternate Breathing System of the Body and lowers down the High BLOOD pressure.(Dry Skin Problem & High Blood Pressure Problems) * Onion:...
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