Shenzhen Subway

Topics: Shenzhen, New York City, Train station Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: May 23, 2014
Subway Riding In Shenzhen
Twenty months ago, I left New Jersey, America, and came to a new city named Shenzhen. When I came here at first, I wasn’t sure what Shenzhen would be like, and if I would like it. I started to fall in love with Shenzhen when I first rode the Shenzhen subway. I have to admit that subway riding in New York was definitely not on my favorite list. In New Jersey, there was no subway. However I remember that when I went to my mother’s office in New York City, we would take the train, and then transfer to the subway. The subway was dirty, dim, and noisy. In summer, it was like walking in an oven due to the lack of air conditioning on platforms. That’s because it was built about 100 years ago. Shenzhen’s subway was built only a few years ago, so it is “updated” and modern. Therefore, passengers can enjoy a quiet, comfortable environment. In a hot summer day, you can find air conditioning in the subway station starting from the escalator. Once I counted 18 TV screens per carriage used for entertaining subway-takers. In my eyes, it’s much better than the Shenzhen taxi because it is more reliable, economical, safer and faster (in some cases). That is just “hardware”, but on the “software” side, Shenzhen subway passengers did give me a very good impression. When my sister and I first took the Shenzhen subway with my grandparents, I was worried that people wouldn’t give up their seats for my grandparents. They were elderly and could easily become unstable on the train and fall. Plus, my grandfather had a bad leg due to an accident. To my surprise, once we got on the carriage, four people stood up quickly and offered the four of us their seats. Ever since, I often noticed people giving up their seats for elderly people, which is not common in some cities. Currently there are five subway routes in total. Number one is the Luohu route, the starting and ending stations are the train station and the airport. It’s convenient for people who don’t...
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