Shang China VS. Ancient Egypt

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Comparative Essay
Shang China Vs. Ancient Egypt

The Shang Period of China (1750-1045 B.C.E.) and the Egyptian Culture (3100-1070 B.C.E.) were separated by thousands of years and developed in totally different regions, yet share some interesting similarities in culture, religion, government, politics, social structure and migration. They were both tomb builders with a highly organized social structure governed by a central ruler with a large army, but the Egyptian civilization is considered to have been far more advanced in the development of their culture. The natural borders of both societies allowed for them to develop independently which makes their similarities more interesting.

The Shang Period of China and the Egyptian culture shared many advancements in common. They both domesticated animals and crops that supported large populations, developed bronze weapons, chariots, bows, and large well-organized armies, as well as the use of a written language. They also shared a common belief in tomb building for their rulers and placed objects in Tombs for use in the afterlife. While both cultures had similarities, the Egyptians were far advanced in their engineering and building of tombs, and monuments, artwork, and understanding of mathematics, and astronomy. They were also more advanced in their writing called hieroglyphs and a cursive script. Also, the Egyptians are the builders of the great pyramids.

Religion was very important in both cultures. Both groups had different beliefs and gods but were similar in how they managed religion. The Egyptians and Chinese of the Shang period believed in ancestor worship, an after-life, and had many gods. However they both had central gods that were the most important. In the Shang period, the supreme god was Shang Ti, the "lord on high". The god could not be approached directly but reached through the ruler's ancestors. The Ruler was the link between heaven and earth. The Egyptians had more than one...
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