Topics: Shame, Guilt, Embarrassment Pages: 2 (581 words) Published: February 25, 2013
I recall something that stuck with me from my mom she was a single parent even though we had this piece of a man living in our house that was my sister dad. I went to stay with my mom when I was about twelve cannot remember the age. Every time this guy would shame me she would try to build me back up. He would tell me I am the black sheep of the family and that I would not amount to nothing. Yes it shamed me because I stayed with my grandparents most of my life and he was trying to make me feel worthless in life. Sometimes shaming can be reversed as what happened with me. I do sit back wonder why did it happened to me but doing this just waste a lot of time and effort.

Shaming works. Unless the person we're trying to shame really could care less what we think of her, almost everyone will respond to shaming in some way, although it will almost never be in way that nourishes the relationship between the shamer and the shamee. Shame makes us feel terrible, like we're horrible people, broken, worthless, and disgusting. And when someone shames us, we lose respect for that person. Shaming, like sarcasm, is easy but damaging.

Yes I do think shaming does have some type of control on us in the United States sometimes it could be good and bad it depending on the person that is receiving the punishment. Some people are just has no concerned about what happens to them. They just roll with the punches. Shaming is a useful tactic if used correctly. Sometimes people are warrant jail time and do not deserved to be shamed because no matter what they do some do not get it for instance. The woman who ran the school bus stop sign. She was made to hold a sign in public so that the public could recognize what offense she did. The first day she went out started taking smoking and talking on her cell phone and was not displaying her sign. She did not get it she could not understand if her kids was out there one of them could have been hurt in that situation. She did not feel she...
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