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  • Escape from Embarrassment

    Escape from Embarrassment Imagine you are invited to a party full of strangers. You know no one except for the host‚ who is now busy welcoming some other guests. As an outsider‚ you sit in the corner‚ feeling like a fish out of the water. The disaster may be a nightmare-come-true for you. With some communication strategies‚ however‚ you can quickly start a conversation and avoid the embarrassment. To avoid relentless rejection‚ carefully look for a person who might be willing to talk with you

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  • The Moment I Stood Up for Myself

    friends. Despite all that‚ some days‚ I was both happy and sad; and I always tried figuring out how that could be. There were some days that it got really bad that I even had suicidal thoughts. I guess I was tired up of all the lonesomeness‚ the embarrassment‚ and the fear. I’ve always lived a lonesome life. My father left us‚ and it’s a shame to admit that my mother was a drug addict. School‚ was also such a burden; sometimes I even wonder how I still managed to go to school. With all

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  • contrast and comparison essay 1

    and Fish Cheeks by Amy Tan gives us two different examples of how two young ladies manage to overcome embarrassment and cultural differences. Although both have labeled their situation as “embarrassing”‚ it is clear that both situations are coming from two different aspects. The story Sisters Flowers depicts educational differences‚ whereas Fish Cheeks describes a young lady facing the embarrassment of pride and cultural differences. According to our text book‚ the idea of descriptive writing is

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  • In Groups We Shrink

    why people behave morally as individuals but not in groups: they approve of what is taking place‚ they have the fear of being embarrassed or are victims of what psychologist call “diffusion of responsibility”. She believes‚ however‚ that fear of embarrassment is the most important explanation. Tavris asserts that people in groups sometimes approve of what is taking place in the group. She writes in her article that eleven police officers watched four of their colleagues administer savage beating

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  • Amy Tan Fish Cheeks

    Tan’s story takes place in California during the 1960’s. She feels embarrassed about her Chinese culture when she is faced with having a boy she likes and his family over for Christmas dinner. Tan describes in vivid detail her differences and embarrassment that she feels about being different from the Anglo culture. Tan more effectively describes her own isolation from social norms than Angelou. She describes her feeling and reactions to everything leading up to‚ during and after the Christmas dinner

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  • Commentary on Things Fall Apart's Okonkwo and Unoka

    My focus will be on the relationship between Unoka and Okonkwo. I chose that topic because it is interesting to find out how father and son can differ in so many ways. Eventhough they are directly blood related‚ Unoka and Okonkwo have a very different characteristic. Unoka the father was a very lazy and wasteful man‚ while Okonkwo is everything Unoka was not. Many people have been asking the same question on this strange matter since they are more familiar with the saying ‘like father‚ like son’

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  • Doodle's Dream In The Scarlet Ibis

    All humans are guilty of forming unrealistic expectations and ideals of others. When people do not meet these preconceived lists of ideals they are often judged or shooed away. Therefore in order to protect their own pride people often shield themselves from or try to change those who are different‚ instead of appreciating and accepting them. This was shown in “The Scarlet Ibis” by James Hurst‚ the narrator always dreamed of having a little brother. Finally‚ his dream came true and his mother had

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  • Blushing and Physiological Arousability in Social Phobia

    the article titled "Blushing and Physiological Arousability in Social Phobia‚" (Gerlach et al.‚ 2001) located in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology (Vol. 110‚ No. 2). Blushing is defined as: "to become red in the face especially from shame or embarrassment. " It is believed that blushing involves physiological‚ behavioral‚ and cognitive factors which react with one another. The actual cause of one blushing is physiological; the amount of blood in one’s face increases causing the amplification of

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  • Catcher In The Rye

    Reflection in The Catcher in the Rye In 1981‚ The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger was simultaneously the most frequently censored novel and the second-most frequently taught novel in American high schools (Andrychuk 6). The main protagonist of the novel is Holden Caulfield‚ a 16-year old boy who smokes like a chimney‚ swears like a sailor‚ and drinks to deal with his angst. He is also the narrator of his own story‚ telling the tale of the 48 hours he spent in New York City after getting expelled

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  • Embarrassed Teenagers Use Their Brain Different

    entertainment. But now a group of scientist has made a step towards an explanation. Writes daily telegraph. According to the newspaper the study at university collage london the first where brain scans was used to hightligt the subject. Differnce in embarrassment The volunteers were 19 girls at the age between 10 to 19 years old and 10 women‚ who was between 22 and 32 years old. They were all scanned by an MRI-scanner‚ while they had to deal with a broad set of emotions. The study showed‚ that when

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