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"Shame” is defined as a painful feeling caused by a sense of guilt, shortcoming, impropriety; dishonor or disgrace. This painful emotion can come from either external sources such as the people around us or from internal sources such as our conscience. In the story "Shame," author Dick Gregory describes his experiences with both externally and internally motivated shame. The shame Dick Gregory experiences as a young child was externally motivated shame. Before the incident at Gregory's school, he was innocent and unaware of social differences. He knew he was poor, but he was not really aware how different he was compared to his peers. “I never learned hate at home, or shame. I had to go to school for that. His innocence was replaced by a sense of shame when his teacher humiliated him in front of his class and peers. She disgraced him by pointing out his poverty and his lack of a father, causing him to feel shame for the first time."

"Death and Justice"

I agree with the writer, "Death and Justice", it is very effective at proving how the death penalty ensures to protect the lives of innocent people and justifying the actions made by murderers. In Koch's essay, he describes how the American population does not support capital punishment. There are many people who do not believe that the death penalty is a consequence beneficial for the justice of murders. Many believe that capital punishment makes a human's life seem cheaper than it is. While others say that the methods of the death penalty are barbaric. And there are some that argue the United States is the only democracy that uses the death penalty as a consequence for murder. There are a few murderers that are prime examples for why the death penalty should be the only result for murder. Edward Koch's essay was a very good argument on the death...
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