Sex vs. Clothes : Defining strategy

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Sex vs. Clothes
After reading “Sex vs. Clothes: Women Come Out of the Closet” it is easily concluded that women prefer their wardrobe to sex. In this article we receive answers of women who were asked general questions about this topic, which would you rather sex or clothes? The hypothesis to this theory is that for most women the choice between sex and clothing is simple – the answer is clothing. We use an operational definition to translate this hypothesis into a testable procedure. They researchers divided the women into groups and then asked a series of questions regarding their clothes, sex life, and which they fancied more. This article could easily convince the reader that it is normal for most women to be obsessed with clothing. We can tell right away that the obvious population targeted for this type of research is women, the writer slightly narrowed it down and gave a general age group of 18 – 54. The sample of women were chosen from ten different states giving the study a variety of location throughout the country, and out of those ten states there were one thousand women surveyed total. Assuming they took an even number from each state that gives us 100 women surveyed from each participating area. The amount of women used to prove such a drastic point shows how using the survey method, scientists are able to take a small amount of subjects and relate them accurately to a larger group. Variables are defined as behaviors, events, or other characteristics that can change or vary in some way. The variables being observed are sex and clothing and desire for each. Each of these variables were measured by asking a series of questions to the sample of women chosen. Each answer was recorded and then averaged into a percentage. We see that the series of experiments conducted in this article use the methods of descriptive research to investigate the theory of sex vs. clothing. It mostly consists of, if not only, survey research. When reading the article the...
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