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Josefina Contte
Student: Carla perrotta.
Teacher: Avila.
Subject: English language III
Topic: “Sex education”.
Thesis statement: “Sex education should be taught in all schools”. 1. Sex education can help to prevent many atrocities.
Abandoned babies.
Malnutrition and starvation.
2. Teenagers will become more careful of their own body.
Anatomy lessons (included in sex education) will make teenagers aware of potential hazards. - STDs.
- Prevent a possible infertility.
3. Some parents think sex education should be taught at home, in family. Teachers take a special course on how to teach their students properly. Some teenager might be scared to talk to their parents about sex. Conclusion: “The opposition we find is mostly based in misconceptions, and instead of force them to accept sex education, we should focus on refute their misbeliefs by showing them the correct information.”

For many years, sex education has been one of the most controversial issues in education, but since the law was passed, the opposition has drastically decreased along the country. Even so, from time to time I hear astonishing anecdotes of parents who send their children to a private school to avoid sex education. Personally, I think that it’s perilous to let them resolve things on their own, because in the future, their children will suffer the consequences of lacking of these vital lessons. I strongly believe that -because of the astounding benefits I’ll expose below- sex education should be taught in every school. The first, and probably the most important advantage of sex education, is that it can prevent many atrocities. This can sound pretentious to someone, but allow me to explain why it is not an exaggeration. In the last years, the number of girls who die in clandestine abortion centers in growing alarmingly. Ignorance and despair are a deadly combination that can lead to tragedy. Many...
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