Powerful Essays
Week 1 Short Paper
Cuthbert C Cuffy
Professor Anthony Biduck
Devry University

The selected article is written by Eric Badertscher and Denise Geier and is titled “Sex Education Should be taught by Parents, not Schools”. The article talks about the various issues with sex education programs presented in schools and the level of parental involvement. The argument I, sex education should be taught at home by the parents with school based programs being an informational additive as opposed to the primary source of knowledge. School programs view sex education as a biological approach and don’t take into consideration the mental, spiritual, emotional or social aspects. The main focus of the article is, sex education should be taught by parents and not primarily by schools. School programs do not serve as neutral providers of information when it comes to sex education. Dealing with the various religious orientations being combined in schools and the differentiation in beliefs concerning sex education, the schools cannot effectively produce a neutral program. Abstinence is the preference of many, which is not discussed in school programs. While remaining in a biological position, schools attempt to provide basic information about sex that would apply to all individuals. It is not realized that with sex being advertised on the internet, television, radios and in magazines, the failure to provide programs, which incorporate equal information about contraceptives, is a failure to supply critical information affecting the lives of individual families. The main objective of the article is to emphasize the need for faith based sex education programs in school curriculums in addition to the parental teaching that each child should receive. The debate over sex education in the school curriculum focuses on issues relating to youth and teen pregnancy, contraception, gender identity, sexual orientation, sexually transmitted diseases, and

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