Sex and Rock and Roll

Topics: Mobile phone, English-language films, Parent Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Jonathan Moak
English Comp 1
First Essay

Over my last 19 years of life, I have seen drastic changes of improvement in technology that has helped in different ways. Ever since I can remember, the beginning days of when I first started using the small electronic baby toys that taught me the alphabet, numbers, colors, and much more. Today, I have many young cousins that play with the same type of machines, and I can see the way young kids are learning so easily because they are having fun with learning. For example, the machines when I was a kid were very big, heavy, and nothing like the machines and toys in today’s advanced world. On my third Christmas, I had received a device called the Leap Frog. The machine talked, had bright neon colors, and was very advanced for the time. From when I first woke up, until my mom told me I could no longer play, I would sit on my little couch learning everything the device had to offer. My younger sister, one year younger than me, was a very jealous child and wanted nothing more in life then the leap frog only because I was enjoying it so much. Whenever I put it down for two seconds, she would be right there behind me waiting to snatch it to play with. My parents would never get mad because she was “learning”. Finally for her birthday in June, she got the newest and greatest leap frog machine. From December to June, it looked as if the machine could do the laundry, dishes, and even make a sandwich it was so advanced. I learned many things on the machine because I didn’t even notice how much I was getting to know from having so much fun. Another device that has benefited society is the cell phone. I can remember back when my mom had her old cell phone. The phone was a basic flat phone that had an antenna and only made calls. My dad’s was very similar. His phone would only work outside of our house and he couldn’t make calls for longer than five minutes before the phone would turn off completely. Today, my...
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