Sex and Marriage

Topics: Marriage, Sexual intercourse, Fornication Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: January 27, 2014
Sex and Marriage
The issue of premarital sex has been constantly debated over the course of time. Frankly, the reason that so many people have moral issues against premarital sex is resulted from religious or cultural bias. To Christians, premarital sex is sin. To Buddhists, if sex is consensual, condoned, and non harmful towards other, it does not matter whether it occurs within the borders of marriage. To me, a believer of no religion, it is a personal decision.

Similar to becoming a follower of a particular religion, deciding whether or not to engage in premarital sex is a choice that only the person himself or herself can make. I personally think that sex should be between two people who are in love; but if sex is consensual between two people who do not have any feelings towards one another, it is their decision to do so. I know many couples who are not married but are happily living together with children. As long as there is communication and understanding between a couple, I see nothing wrong with sex outside marriage. On the other hand, there are many countries where young girls are forced to marry much older men. Evidently, sex in that specific kind marriage is not consensual.

Research shows that delaying intimacy benefits in the long run. Relationship stability, relationship satisfaction, sexual quality, and communication were all rated higher by those who waited than those who experienced intimacy early in the relationship. (McKay, and McKay) Despite my opinion that marriage is a sacred union of two people, I don’t think it should be the stepping stone in which one uses to lead to sex. Most people get married for love; thus, I do not find the involvement of the law necessary. If two people love each other and decide that they want to commit to one another, a legal marriage does not seem vital. Additionally, married people also get divorced. Thus, the sanctity of marriage is deteriorating.

Personally, I have decided to wait—but not...
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