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"Severus! What is she still doing up her nap was supposed to be an hour ago!" Lily scolded her husband as she walked into her home in Godrics Hallow and saw her husband and their year-old child lying on his chest watching a quiditch game

Severus smirked as he shut the television and walked up to his slightly angry wife and gave her a peck on the lips.

“What is she still doing up.” Lily said looking towards her baby who was snuggled up close to her Daddy’s chest

“She didn’t want to sleep and she decided she wanted to spend time with her Daddy right baby girl. Severus said as the baby giggled happily

“As much as I love this picture right she needs to sleep or we will be up all night” Lily said as she crossed her arms

“Alright, alright apparently being a world class potion master and a highly respected Auro does not mean I’m capable of putting an 11 month old baby to sleep. Severus said

"Use your world class skills to put her down for the night, Potion Master, now that you have her all riled up." Lily shook her head, unable to hide her smile at the transformation the baby had on her normally enduring husband. His usually obsession with order and propriety had disappeared with the birth of the dark haired baby.

Severus laughed, cradling the baby against his chest. "Okay, baby girl, let's go upstairs." He walked gracefully up the stairs to the nursery, and sat in the rocking chair near the window, letting the child snuggle into his robes.

Severus Snape woke from his dream with a feeling of peace and a stiff neck after falling asleep for the third time that week on his armchair in his dungeon apartment living room. Even though he knew it was a ridiculous dream, he preferred it over his nightmares. Usually his nightmare reflected the amounts of pain he'd served as a spy. There were many parts of his life that were beyond his control.

However, today his main concern was finding ways to avoid his older sister again but that was almost impossible because she worked alongside their mother as a transfiguration teacher. It wasn’t that he didn’t love his sister he did it was just she could be a little bit over protected ever since he “lost Lily to James”. The two Snape sibling were adopted by Albus and Minerva during his third year and her fifth year after their biological mother died their father no longer wanted his children and to be honest they were thankful to not be returning to their childhood home at Spinner's End.

He'd supposed, at 13, that the adoption had meant that he would have parents until he was of age. What he hadn't realized was that he would be 31 years old and still being told what to do by his parents and sister

"Severus, you are 31 years old when are you going to get married!" Minerva scowled at her son as his sister Samantha laughed silently. You’re not getting much younger and I would like some more grandchildren. "You should go to Diagon Alley this weekend and pick up some nice girls you’ve been alone too long.”She turned to her husband, who was sitting in an armchair next to the fireplace, popping gummy bears into his mouth. "Albus, say something please


“Severus please for me look at your sister she is happily married with a beautiful little boy don’t you want to be happy” Minerva said


Albus raised his eyebrows. "Just give it a try son who knows there are a lot of single women out there he would be more than happy to go out with you. Your mother just wants you to be happy

“What if I don’t want to move on what if I enjoy being single and if you haven’t noticed I’m not exactly the husband type. Severus said

Samantha sighed, just on the edge of irritation. "Severus Tobias Snape get over her already it’s been more than a decade already, she chose Potter and then ended up dead, move on I’m tired of seeing you mope around the dungeons.

Severus shot his sister a cold look and growled angrily” She was the love of my life the only woman I ever...
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