Service Encounter Report

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Service Encounter Report
1.0 Introduction
The purpose of this report is to critically evaluate the services encounter using service marketing perspective. In order to do this report, I had experience few service industries around Kota Kinabalu area. I had took six encounters service as my journal entries and two of the journal entries will use to develop this report which is the most and least satisfactory service encounter. The encounters that I had chosen will reflect different type of satisfaction and service industries. The extremely satisfied service will be encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co and the extremely dissatisfied service was the Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo. 2.1 Consumer Behavior (Pre-purchase stage)

Lovelock et al. (2012) declare that pre-purchase stage start with need awareness and continue though information search and evaluation of alternatives to deciding whether or not to buy a particular product or service. For extremely satisfied service (Encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co), my need awareness was I need to service my printer in order to have good printing work. In the other hand, for extremely dissatisfied service (Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo), my need awareness would be I need to accompany my brother went to this firm to buy a mobile phone. Information search will be also need at the pre-purchase stage, for extremely satisfied service (Encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co), the information search was before the service was occur. Before I bring the printer for service in this firm, I had evaluated several firms and compare the price and the attitude of the employee. Meanwhile, for extremely dissatisfied service (Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo), I had searched the information form online sources which was the firm website. Before went to this firm, I had evaluated several similar firm for the price though online. For encounter 1, there was easier to get information though online, but encounter 4 will consumers time to find information. However, easier to get information does not mean the real service receive will satisfy customer. I think easier to get information is just the extra service provided by the firm. 2.2 The service encounters (Level of customer contact)

The service encounter range can be from high contact to low contact. High contact services mean that there is a direct contact between customers and the firm before, during and after the service. Meanwhile, low contact services will involve little physical contact between customers and service providers (Lovelock et al. 2012). In my case, both extremely satisfied and extremely dissatisfied were high contact services. This is because both services have to meet face to face and having conservation between me and the employee. For extremely satisfied service (Encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co), the employee has a good communication with me. The employee answering my question very well and I felt I would like to ask the employee because the employee was showing his friendly and kindness. In the other hand, for extremely dissatisfied service (Encounter 1: Digi center @1borneo) the employee was not answering my question very well and in the service process just me has the willingness to ask the question but employee do not has the willingness to answer my question. This service should be a high contact services but in my case I feel that this service was in this range. 2.3 Critical incidents in service encounters

The critical incident in my service encounter is the service by the employee. The employee plays an important role in a particular firm. Normally, the employee will represent the entire of the firm. In many industries that customer satisfaction is dependent on customers’ perceptions of the performance quality of service employees (Hartline et al., 2000). In my case, for extremely satisfied service (Encounter 4: LHS Quality Software Co), the employee has a giving me a very good service and this can make me feel...

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