Service Dog Research Paper

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Service dog¬¬¬¬s are very dedicated when it comes to assisting with a person’s needs. Service dogs have the ability and right to be with their human always so that they are there to assist warn, guide, and comfort. Many people have said that when it comes to getting a service dog it is an amazing time of their life because they have regained their independence and that they have received a companion that can assist with the needs they need. They also have stated that service dogs have become successful in aiding the many different needs. Service dogs assist in many ways depending on the type of service dog they are and the type of work they are trained to perform. Service dogs help the person make sure that they are at their actualization …show more content…
As read one can tell there is a huge positive side to having a service dog and why many people turn to them Sachs-Ericsson, N., Hansen, N. K., & Fitzgerald, S. (2002). Although there is the side of why people will argue and say they are against service dogs and why they may not want one. The ones that are against having a service dog see it this way. The major reason could be that they may have allergies to dogs. Some say having a service dog is a huge responsibility. They may also not want a service dog because they do not like dogs or they may have had a bad experience with a dog in the past the may also have a fear of dogs in general. Although service dogs wear signs that state, do not pet me I am working; the public see them as a magnet for, pets they still attempt to pet and distract the dog some people like to be normal and not want to be seen being assisted by a dog. One cannot leave them alone too long so weekends away, vacations must be planned with the dog in mind care of a service dog the handler must provide the proper care and needs for the dog it is responsibility even though it can cost a lot of money. Even if the service dog is to get sick and will need …show more content…
There are several different types of service dogs that are specially trained to assist the different needs. People with service dogs sometimes run into a situation where they may be denied access but there is a law that is the ADA law it states, Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), businesses and organizations that serve the public must allow people with disabilities to bring their service animals into all areas of the facility where customers are normally allowed to go. This federal law applies to all businesses open to the public, including restaurants, hotels, taxis and shuttles, grocery and department stores, hospitals and medical offices, theaters, health clubs, parks, and zoos, Shortell, J. ( 2016). So, this is a law that supports those who must have a service dog with them. There are questions businesses may ask such as if the animal is a service animal, they can also ask about the tasks that the animal has been trained to perform. As well there are questions that cannot be asked such as questions about identification cards and they cannot ask about the person’s disability. And since service dogs can go and be with the handler everywhere they cannot be charged extra fees. People with a disability cannot be asked to remove his service dog from the premises unless the violate the following; if the

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