September 11, 2001

Topics: Flag of the United States, Aircraft hijacking, The Star-Spangled Banner Pages: 1 (329 words) Published: May 28, 2013
September 11,2001
It was a cold, busy day in New York City, and yet no one knew what would happen on that day(September 11,2001). The attacks on September 11,2001 have had several effects in America’s society that has changed our way of life. Since that day many Americans have had to deal with the loses of their loved ones that died that day. Some of the effects were changes in airport security, appreciation for first responders, and renewed patriotism. One of the first effects of 9/11is airport security has gotten more thorough. You now have to remove your and your children’s shoes by the metal detectors. They now also have body scanners to check your body for any other metal you have failed to remove before passing through the metal detector. America’s airports are now hiring more security guards and also they are putting Air Marshalls on all commercial flights. Other effects of 9/11 are we Americans have more appreciation for our first responders. Since 9/11 our appreciation for our fire fighters has grown over the years. Our appreciation for our police force has also grown. In addition to 9/11 more of America’s population has decided to join the military; due to 9/11 Americans under the age of 18 are joining more boot camps, so that they can be in the military. Although the attacks have caused us to be closer, I also believe that we have more patriotism, for our country. Americans started to fly more American flags. We also started to ware the American flag on jewelry, shirts, and hoodies. The attacks on September 11,2001 has changed our way of life today. Ten years later we still remember what has happened to our beloved country; and Binladan has paid for the crimes he has committed. Today I believe our country will be at peace since we finally made Binladan pay. 9/11 will be REMEMBERED FOEVER!!!!
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