Seperate but Equal

In different states over the United States similar cases have been going about. Each of these cases has to do with black students obtaining entry into public schools of their community. Linda Brown was a student that lived a few blocks from a public school but was still denied because of her skin color. This segregation was apparent to deprive the plaintiffs of the equal protection of the laws under the 14th amendment. In spite of other cases, a three judge federal district court rejected relief to the plaintiffs on the separate but equal doctrine announced by the court in Plessy vs Fergson. That doctrine accorded equality of treatment when the races are provided noticeable equal facilities, even though these facilities are separate. The Supreme Court of Delaware obeyed to the doctrine but ordered that the plaintiffs be accepted to the Caucasian schools.

The adoption of the 14th amendment in1868 was the cause of arguments in the Supreme Court Justice. It went over the consideration of the Amendment in congress, ratification by the states. It informed us that although these situations have been brought to the table, further investigation needs to be done to resolve the issue. With everyone being uncertain about the situation, schools remained segregated at that time. The education of blacks was almost nonexistent, while the Caucasians had a large amount of educated students. Any education of colored people was prohibited by law in some states. Public school education during the time of the amendment had developed in the North, but the effect of the amendment on Northern states was ignored. There was obviously little knowledge of the 14th amendment in both public and private schools.

In the Supreme Court different cases were looked backed on for public education. The “separate but equal” doctrine was staring to get looked into more. Inequality was found; white students looked down blacks that had the same education requirements. In none of these cases was it...
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