Separate Peace Essay

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A Separate Peace Essay
Places, usually known as nouns, but combined with time they create setting. Setting is one of the most important things in any written piece of art, it tells the reader what, and when; two of the six most important questions in writing. In A Separate Peace setting is very important and also greatly used. Not only does it contrast with thematic content, but it also complements thematic content. Setting also discusses, it discusses importance of certain scenes and people.

Setting say many things, but it also reveals many things, told and untold. It will tell you who has been in it and around it by a mere footprint, but it will also tell you if somebody is destined to be nice or mean by its location. Gene and Finny are destined to be nice and charming because they live in the south, while somebody that is from the east may not be so fortunate. Setting reveals a lot about people and events also, like when Gene wrestled one of his friends into the creek, the winter setting told the readers the water was freezing, and that was the reason they got out so quickly. Sometimes a setting will contrast with what is happening creating an interesting situation, usually it complements the situation.

Hot – cold, dark – light, wet- dry, things are constantly contrasting, even settings and nature. Throughout this novel nature opposes what the settings do, and goes in the opposite direction. When Finny had to walk across the field covered in ice on crutches he was contrasting with nature. Just like hot and cold contrasting has a pair; complementing, also known as comparing.

Complementing is usually what teenage boys do, but nature actually does it all by itself, nature complements the settings with beautiful sunsets, or gorgeous waterfalls. In this novel babbling brooks, Victorian buildings, and marble all complement the setting of Devon, while southern hospitality and corn fields complement the characters. People, places, and things are constantly...
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