Topics: Term, The Culture of the New Capitalism, Time Pages: 2 (620 words) Published: October 12, 2014

Prof. Ellen Brand
ENG 111
28 September 2014
In the article “No Long Term: New Work And The Corrosion Of Character” Richard Sennett discusses the work ethic of two generations, and explains how the modern work ethic is corrupting peoples character. Richard Sennett met Rico at the airport, Sennett had met Rico fifteen years ago when he had interviewed Rico's father for his book The Hidden Injuries of Class. Which was about blue-collar worker in america. When Sennett first met Rico's father Enrico had been an janitor for twenty years. Sennett stated that Enrico had worked twenty years without complaining. Enrico had one goal and that was to provide for his family. Which he did by purchasing and house in the suburbs in Massachusetts. He left his Italian neighborhood because he felt that the suburbs were better for his kids. When he moved to the suburbs Enrico and his wife began a college fund for his kids. Enrico and his wife check the increase their savings every week. They measured their home life by various improvements and additions they made to the ranch house. The sudden changes of the Great Depression and World War II has faded , unions started to protect workers jobs. Enrico was 40 and already knew how much money he would have when he retired. Enrico made a clear story for himself, though it may seem boring to most. Enrico felt like he became the author of his life, and even though he was not of high social status he has earned himself self-respect. Years later at a airport Sennett got to see how life turned for Enrico's son. Sennett didn't really like what he saw, he felt that Rico betrayed his father. on the long ride from New York to Vienna Sennett felt like he had to pry information out of Rico. Sennett eventually learned that Rico has fulfilled his father's desire for upward mobility, but had rejected the way of his father. Rico believes in being open to change and taking risk, which was opposite of his father. Rico was the top 5 percent of the...
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