Senior Exhibition Essay

Topics: Positron emission tomography, X-ray, Pain Pages: 4 (1088 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Radiology Technician

I chose to job shadow a Radiology Technician for my Senior Exhibition Project. The medical field has always been of interest to me. After discussions with my aunt and uncle, who are both Radiology Technicians, I chose to research this particular area.

My community mentor was Renee Barnett. She is a Radiology Technician at San Juan Regional Medical Center. Ms. Barnett was recommended to me by a friend who job shadowed her in 2013. She was impressed with her knowledge and willingness to educate her. Ms. Barnett answered my questions and explained procedures as we worked the night shift. She also shared the requirements needed in becoming a Radiology Technician.

For my Senior Exhibition Project I requested to Job Shadow in the Radiology Department at San Juan Regional Medical Center. After a required orientation and health screening I was granted the opportunity to observe in the Radiology Department. After requesting Ms. Barnett I was allowed to shadow her. I was granted the opportunity to observe in this department. I began at San Juan Regional on June 17, 2014. Ms. Barnett works the evening shift and occasionally the early morning shifts. I chose to work the evening shift with her.


The first day that I arrived at the hospital I wasn’t sure what to expect. The staff was nice and welcomed me in as an Observation Student. I was able to help the technicians and surgical doctors in the ICU. One evening a gentleman was brought into the ICU with intense head trauma, and had just undergone brain surgery. We were required to take a CT- Scan on his brain. I was instructed to help lift him off of his stretcher and onto the CT bed. I had to lift his head while the rest of the doctors and techs lifted the rest of his body. It was quite the experience. The second night that I went into the hospital there were many CT-Scans that were performed. The first patient was a man that had deep cuts and...
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