Self Image

Topics: Human, Confidence interval, High school Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: February 8, 2007
The self-image of a human is very critical to their existence as it can "make or break" their soul. Self-image is how a human would see themselves, which varies from person to person. Let's take a successful business person for example. They have started a business out their garage. With lots of hard work and labor, they were able to expand their business into a reputable company. This person would feel very confident about their abilities to mange and run their business because they have a high self-image of their self.

Another example of self-image at play would be if you were to take someone who loves the model and fashion world. That person has seen a whole bunch of clothing and accessories they considered trendy but could not afford them. This person say is very intelligent. Now what could happen is because the person doesn't have the clothing the industry has created, the self-image of themselves would be damaged because this person doesn't feel of worth simply because they are not trendy or sexy enough.

My last example is a high school teenager. This student is funny, intelligent and plays a few sports. They are well liked because of this but not everyone likes them. They put forth their best effort to be accepted by the ones who don't like them but fails to work. The student then thus becomes distress over not being liked by all. Though the student may not show it to the others, they stat to feel unaccepted to a point were it drives them suicidal.

The three examples listed above, described how self-image is attained. It's the branch of smaller categories that create the overall image of how one sees one's self. The big three that I feel create self-image is: Confidence, Beauty and acceptance.

Those with a high regard for themselves, generally have a good self-image of themselves. They basically go far while. Those with low regard, tend to have more difficultly accomplishing some of the same task performed by the more confident people....
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