Promote person centred approaches in health and social care

Topics: Risk, Decision making, Individual Pages: 5 (2019 words) Published: May 25, 2015
Promote person centred approaches in health and social care (HSC 036) 1.Working with person centred values means respecting individuality, allowing and supporting individuals to retain this or if required restore it. Person centred values should be at the very core of social care work, and infact is a legal requirement as many of it’s values are mimicked in acts such as the human rights act and the health and social care act, furthermore it should be present in your companies policy and codes of practice. If you are practicing proficient person centred values individuals should feel they are supported in accessing their rights, treated as an individual, supported to exercise choice, have privacy if they want it, are supported to be as independent as possible and are treated with individuality and respect. Clearly to ensure this is happening person centred values will have to be considered in every aspect of your work, making it much more effective and less invasive. 2. Identity, self image and self esteem all to a certain extent rely upon and effect each other. Identity is about people being themselves and being allowed to make their own independent choices as to what that is. There are many different forms of identity such as religious, cultural and personal things such as the way you dress or what colour you want your hair. This ties in with self image which is the way individuals envisage themselves in relation to abilities, appearance, and personality. If they are allowed to form their own identity this will generally create a healthier self image as they are in control of this and as they have been allowed to focus on what they appreciate and respect meening they will be more likely to appreciate and respect themselves, this in essence is self esteem. Self esteem is about self respect and the confidence in one’s own worth or abilities. Clearly if people make you doubt your identity or self image or try to change this it will belittle you knocking your confidence in your own worth and your self respect 3. There are many factors that will contribute to the well being of individuals, these include but are not limited to, spiritual factors that enrich lives and touch people and are uplifting on a deep level such as religion, music and art. Emotional factors e.g. close bonds with family and friends, happy memories, photographs, correspondence etc... Cultural factors that respect the individual's likes choices and preferences and that give them a sense of what is normal to them. Religious factors such as attending church or mosque or visits from their local religious leaders, being able to and supported to celebrate religious celebrations, having an appropriate place to pray etc... Social factors such as opportunities to be with others, to communicate with others, to share in a group experience. Lastly Political factors such as being involved and having a say in what is happening or should happen in their environment and having their opinions respected.

1- Individuals- this is the risks that individuals pose to themselves or others, examples include the risk of scolding whilst making tea, the risk of violence, the risk of falling down stairs, manual handling (TILE) etc... this relates to staff and service users. As far as service users risk assessments should be easily available and carried out and renewed regularly, generally with their support plans. 2- Environment- this refers to environmental dangers, for example the risks of trips and falls on carpets, the risks of fires, the risk of drowning (ponds, swimming pools) etc... This relates to all the possible risks in your environment and should be used as a tool to reduce these risks wherever possible and provide guidelines for dealing with consequences of these risks should they ever arise. 3- Dangerous substances- This is the risks of and dangerous substances in your work place, for example cleaning products, medication, DIY materials etc... These risks...
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