Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Eating disorders Pages: 5 (1978 words) Published: April 22, 2013
“If you had a person in your life treating you the way you treat yourself, you would have gotten rid of them a long time ago…” states Cheri Huber. Self-hatred is one of the most detrimental emotions one can harbor. It is defined as a great and overwhelming dislike and aversion to oneself. Once one starts to accept those feelings, they are headed down a dark path. One way that they are pushed even further down that path is when it is verbally secured by another person, causing the hating person to feel even worse. This is similarly mixed with the emotion of self-anger, but it is very different. Anger is an emotion defined as a feeling of displeasure. Self-hatred is so much more than that. It affects our brain permanently; while anger is just temporary as well as the fact that it is much more likely to affect the way we treat and look at ourselves as a whole. Not only is it dangerous to one’s health, it is dangerous to the well-being of others. This has everything to do with being self-destructive. Self-image moderates behavior. But why do people do it and how do they cope with this awful emotion of self-hatred? Studies have shown that one major method of coping with self-hatred is eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa is one that affects many more people than we are even aware of. A study conducted through the Coordinated Evaluation and Research at Specialized Units for Eating Disorders project that proved “interpersonal factors are increasingly in focus on eating disorders”, showing that 79 out of the 114 patients suffering from anorexia nervosa had a self-hatred issue, or a problem with self-esteem. Since self-image affects body image and moderates behavior, one little alteration of reality in the mind can cause one to start to despise themself. If one was being teased at school for example, called fat or ugly, it is proven that even if those people don’t mean anything to us and are just a passer-by, it alters something in our brains. Some of us are able to just “shake it off”, but it still makes us stop and think “what if they were right”? It causes us to stop and think for a moment and re-check ourselves. This is why those who do not have the self-esteem or confidence may be truly hurt and damaged by this comment. This could result in anorexia. Anorexia Nervosa is defined as an eating disorder mainly affecting teenage girls and women in which there is a fear of becoming overweight, a distorted body image, and excessive dieting. This happens because of self-hatred. They are not pleased with the way they look, so they go to extremes to try and find happiness with their bodies and maintain that happiness. This is very negative and harmful to their bodies as well as their self-esteem. This can cause many heart and liver problems as well as deteriorating their family life. Self-hatred is the causation of many family issues. The bible states that we should “love your neighbor as yourself…” Well how is that supposed to happen when one doesn’t love themselves? The article by Michael Sobocinski states that “when self-hatred occurs, it is difficult to focus on anyone other than oneself because there is so much emotion wasted on hatred...” When hatred for yourself or others takes over heart, it is very difficult to maintain healthy relationships and love in any capacity. Family members or friends may extend a hand of help or comfort but those under the heavy heart of hatred will feel unworthy of the love, making the hatred of themselves just grow deeper than before. It is a never-ending cycle of awful feelings. This could also lead to self-mutilation or suicidal thoughts. Self-mutilation is again a result of the self-hatred one feels and it relieves the stress and pressure of trying to act “perfect”. When a person feels like they may never measure up to any standards set by those they used to care about, a hopeless feeling sets around them. “Why am I even trying?” and “They don’t really care about me” are two thoughts...
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