Self Expression

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Jay Little
December 18, 2005

Self Expression

In today’s schools, there are a lot of people who feel the need to express themselves by drawing, writing, acting, dancing, or fashion. The school I attend, CAPA, is very much in favor of expression through the arts, but some schools do not have these portals for expression, mainly music. Music is one of the ways I express myself and is one of the best ways out there. I know music programs for schools can be a bit harsh financially, or you may think students today are undetermined and lethargic and will not take interest in a program like this, but I’ve come with another look on this matter.

Music is one the best ways of expression and has been for ages. Music is based on feelings- based on the feelings of the composer. These feelings are expressed the through the very melodies, harmonies, and rhythm you and I listen to. If the music programs are terminated in schools, the music we “feel” will die out because the younger generation, or any student, will not have the chance to experience the blissfulness of music. This means money should be the last thing to worry about when dealing with the development of students.

It is proven those students that have taken any interest in an art form, do well academically. A lot of students have poor grades in many schools because a lot of them waste their time doing nothing. This is a great reason to keep arts programs in school. With these programs, students interact with each other, to stay out of trouble, and to develop their character.

Another issue with students is the determination of the students in school. Many of the students are looking for a way to communicate because it’s hard to talk about what they feel. How would you know if a student is willing to go along with this course, if you do not try? I know it is hard to find good instruments, or music at a decent price, but I believe a life is much more than money, and if a chance is all that there...
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