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Topic: Self- esteem-is yours good? How can it improve? How it effects communication? Self-esteem: The Key To Communicating
Some synonyms for the self-esteem can be personal values, self-worth, and self-respect. No matter where life takes us, our self-esteem follows us as one of the basic human motivators. Self-esteem can be compared to that one key that fits every lock in the house. Every door of communications can be opened through an individual’s self-respect or personal values. We need self-esteem both from other people and through inner self-respect. It is our only real way to reach our true human self-actualization.

Is my self-esteem good? My self-esteem runs in conjunction with my thoughts, behaviors, feelings, and actions. Personally I base my self-esteem upon who I am now and who I actually see myself being. I like to compare my self-esteem to the beautiful mountains we have in front of us throughout Appalachia. Say that I am hiking the mountain one day and I want to point out all of the aspects that the mountain has shown me. Starting at the bottom I am going to find my looks. Looks are the one concept that I cannot conquer among myself. For at the top of the mountain I am going to find all the true beauty and worth of the hike. This would be my skills and abilities that I have a high self-worth for. Self worth is the evaluation of your worth or value based on your perception of things such as: skills, abilities, talents, and appearance (Beebe, Beebe, & Redmond 43). Self-worth is an essential human need that is vital for survival and normal, healthy development (Branden 1969). In conclusion, I would say that I have an average self-esteem. I almost said that I have a bad self-esteem, and then I remembered all of the confidence that I have within my hobbies. I am talented basketball player, weightlifter, and athlete overall. This is one thing that...
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