High Self-esteem

Topics: Self-esteem, Childhood, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Review Questions
1. In what areas do children and adolescents define their self-esteem?: In Self Image, and in the environment they live in. 2. What are the characteristics of a person with high self-esteem?: Ambitious, optimistic about life, good communication skills, and they are very psychologically healthy and emotionally stable. 3. What are the characteristics of a person with low self-esteem?: Fail to achieve goals, poor communication skills, Are prone to anxiety, depression, hostility, loneliness, shame, and guilt, and they form unhealthy, destructive relationships with others. 4. What can a parent do, in the first two years of their child’s life, to help the child develop good self-esteem?: The first is a sense of themselves as individuals. The child learns that he exists as an individual in the world, and that his actions have observable consequences in the surrounding environment. The child learns that he has the power to manipulate the world around him—to make things happen. The second important concept a child develops during this time is a sense of trust and love that is built upon a solid bond between the child and his caregivers. 5. What are some things that have a negative effect on a child’s self-esteem?: Their self-image, fitting in, and their parents fighting at home.

Critical Thinking Questions
1. Why is it difficult to define self-esteem?: It’s difficult because people don’t always know what the exact definition for the word is. 2. Is success in life a cause of high self-esteem, an effect of high self-esteem, or neither?: In my opinion, I say an effect. I say this because if you have high self-esteem, you will accomplish a lot more. Success takes a lot of work, it’s not easy to be successful now a days. 3. What are some ways that parents can help their children develop good social self-esteem?: They could teach them appropriate vocabulary. They can also start getting their kids into speaking to people in...
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