Self Control

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Individual Skill Development Project March 21, 2013

Self-control is one of the components that I need to improve on and in this paper I am going to share some specific development activities that helped me improve on it. Most of the problems that plague modern individuals in our society — addiction, overeating, crime, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, prejudice, debt, unwanted pregnancy, educational failure, underperformance at school and work, lack of savings, failure to exercise — have some degree of self-control failure as a central aspect. As I mentioned my first paper, I recently found out that my cholesterol level was high. That got me concerned especially since we have a family history of cholesterol. So I started cutting down on fatty foods from time to time and occasionally do some exercise which made feel better and hopeful that will remedy the problem . A couple of months later, I took another blood test and the results were just as bad. I felt very frustrated if not depressed since my ability to control my cholesterol was not good enough. I failed on many occasions to resist food temptations and distractions. I tried to avoid digging into that bag of chips after dinner and I succeed Monday and Tuesday nights only to succumb to temptation on Wednesday and the weekend .Without that feeling of control, I ended up feeling depressed, powerless, and weak. Anxious to do something about it and determined to take charge of my life, I visited with my doctor and he recommended some medication which got me anxious and worried since that means this is serious. I was not comfortable with the idea of taking medication on daily basis. Concerned and unsure about the side effects of this...
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