Two Themes Report

Topics: Motivation, Locus of control, Julian Rotter Pages: 2 (309 words) Published: September 23, 2014
Two Themes Report

Theme one: Personality

Different people have different personality. As we can't find two pieces of leaves are the same in the world. And these personality or character will direct influence the career selection in the further. In my opinion, some parts of personality were decided by nature, but some was not. But we have to know, in the formation of character, acquired factors also play an important role. For example conscientiousness may effected by nurture. According to self-assessment, I found that I am tending an extraversion and conscientiousness in my personality. I found that the formation of my character has positive relationship with my education background. As structure autobiography shows that I finished high school in China. Extraversion and conscientiousness of people was easier to success in strong competitive environment. Moreover, as this character, I was more focus on expression. And I hope that I can become the center of attention in the workplace. That cause me get high score of exhibition and leadership in Work Value Inventory.

Theme two: Behavior

In my opinion, behaviors like a mirror that can direct reflect self-thinking. And behaviors also can reflect self-requirement and locus of control in our life. When I was child, I found that I was really like to watch the talk show on TV, and I really enjoy the people who share the success experiences for their life. This hobby lead me know that success cannot without self-effort. According to my task of Locus of Control, I found that I was believed internal locus control “which the person believes they can control their life (Rotter, 1996).” Furthermore, this self- requirement in somewhat ways influences my life. I prefer to make a good impression for everyone, and avoiding being evaluated unfavorably. That has direct reflected on my score of Fear of Negative Evaluation.
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