Selection and Pointer Double Click

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NPointer 1.0
Product documentation

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NPointer software allows controlling the pointer with the hand using a conventional PC webcam. The webcam should be directed to the table for effective hand motion capturing. When moving the hand in front of the camera, the pointer moves accordingly. NPointer application is started by launching NPointer.exe. Below attached settings screen would be shown after launching NPointer. You can start change settings or minimize screen (into tray icon) by pressing [X].

When the hand stops still for a while, an action menu pops up. The menu features the following functions (comments are in red color): Action selection pointer Double click Left click Left down/up Scroll wheel Right click Turn off movements. Usefull when typing with keyboard. 1

Menu functions (like left click) are initiated when the pointer is moved onto the desired function button and stays still for a moment. Precision selection cursor is used for action selection. Bolded text on the button indicates the selected function. If the precision selection cursor goes away from menu, no action will be selected.

Pointer menu buttons “LD” (Left Drag), “Scroll” and “Off” are toggle buttons. For example, after selecting “Scroll”, the pointer will initiate content scroll. When scrolling is finished, “Scroll Off” should be selected to exit the scroll mode.

For comfortable NPointer usage it is recommended to put the camera on top of monitor and bend it to look down towards the hand, as shown in the picture bellow.


The following parameters are available for adjustment in the Settings Panel: Motion speed. Modifies how fast the pointer responds to the hand movement. Acceleration. Modifies how fast the pointer accelerates when hands motion speed change. Menu timeout. Modifies the idle time before the action menu appears. Movement cut-off. Sets the maximal motion speed which controls the pointer. This is...
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