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Discuss the organizational structure and how this may have helped the project.

Seitz Corporation has allocated funding for a structured project team to develop a plant in Huntsville, Alabama for plastics. The board of directors has employed the matrix organizational structure in order to create a distributing plant in a relatively short time frame. Although there could possibly be dilemmas and shortcomings of this type of leadership, the benefits could save the team and the project as it comes across risks and other events that could halt progress entirely.

Using the matrix structure will be best for the corporation. It allows team members to share information and coordinate it. It also helps the team progress more. This structure will benefit the company because it makes the manager become responsible for coordinating progress and reporting to the board, while the skill related professionals can work continuously and consistently towards completing their work.

Some of the benefits of the matrix organizational structure include the fact that having people

across department boundaries’ working together for a common goal means reduced costs in

terms of having to bring in outside help. There are usually fewer issues that arise among various

departments because they are all working in conjunction with one another.’’

Gido, Jack. Successful Project Management, 5th ed., 5th Edition

Discuss how you did on this project and any lessons learned for you. Self reflection –

What did you learn?

The Huntsville project has been very helpful in learning about Project Management. I have learned that project planning is one of the keys to the success of a project. what role the project manager plays in successfully completing a project from start to finish. I have also learned best practices when in control of a project or taking over a project that is already in progress. From the development of the project plan, we...
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