Hcs/325 - Effective Communication Paper

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Effective Communication Paper
February 20, 2011
Health Care Management/HCS325
John M. Thompson

Effective Communication Paper
Communication promotes knowledge within a health care organization and is necessary for the organization to thrive. Communication is not only important to the staff but also to the patients within a health care facility who depend on staff communication to receive quality medical care. Without complete communication between staff member’s clinical errors can occur and the patient’s health could be at risk. In this paper the subject will explain how a health care organization shares knowledge through communication and examine, which are the most effective techniques and which techniques are ineffective. This paper will review the application of these techniques and the impact techniques may have on a health care organization. Effective Techniques for Sharing Information

One of the most effective techniques for sharing pertinent information and knowledge is the organizational structure. According to Lombardi and Schermerhorn, (2007), “the organizational structure is the system of tasks, workflow, reporting relationships, and communication channels that link the diverse plans of an organization” (para. 3). A formal structure is essential to permit groups within the organization to communicate knowledge with other staff members and other operations of the organization. Separating an organization into a functional structure has excellent rewards like effective use of knowledge between departments, and the delegation of projects by the proficiency and education of each department. Each group of the structure shares knowledge and works together with other departments and has the analytical skills to solve any issue that may arise. Another form of communication is social networking. An example of social networking is the website known as CareConnectix. This website is not only for patients but also for health care providers. It...

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