Security Monitoring

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Security Monitoring
Amy Smart
University of Phoenix Online
Instructor: James Summerlin
April 15,2013

Security Monitoring
In this paper we will be discussing security monitoring techniques that can and should be used within an organization to help put together an solid action plan when there is an risk identified. For any business or organization to ensure that they are conducting quality business to their customers as well as achieving their business goals should consider risk management as an huge part of their organization. Security Monitoring Process

The organization IT department and e- commerce applications are the ones that conduct security monitoring and measuring. Security monitoring is very important, because it is the process of preventing attacks and responding to threats that could happen in the future. An organizations can prevent small risk from turning into a bigger and more expensive problem by taking preventative steps. The IT department should be monitoring the system at all times and it must be implemented both externally and internally. However the first step each organization should take when starting the monitoring system is to first discuss what a potential risk is. For an organization to truly have an secure system they must determine an list of risk. Businesses and organizations can use security monitoring to ensure both integrity and confidentiality for sensitive information. As well as holding IT administrators responsible for keeping their organizations sensitive and financial assets safe and secure from unwanted eyes. Internal IT and Secure Monitoring Processes

The security monitoring activities that should be conducted in an organization with both internal IT payroll, human resources, inventory, general ledger, inventory monitoring. However these internal structures constantly grow and increase revenue and the possible risks are also always growing and increasing. So for an organization to make sure that...
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