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Communication in Security Settings Paper

January 28, 2013


Robert J. Deuel


Scott Mann

In the security world today many organizations have developed a more concise communication tools that will enable a security personal department, to teach, and help there officers observe the various behaviors that individuals display. For instance a security officer notices an individual is seen walking around a facility or retail establishment acting in a very suspicious way. It could be possible that this particular individual is going commit a crime or has a severe mental issue. With the officer learning the certain skills to detect this type of behavior it very well could prevent either a crime being committed or the individual from hurting himself or other people who are around the situation. In these instances a trained security personal may have to use their communication skills to read what the person is doing by watching their gestures and emotions. Unfortuannally In many security settings personal deal with many challenging, and frustrating individuals that have many nonverbal language barriers. From ant where to people who are death, or don’t understand the language or is trying to convey a certain message to the security officers or other authority figures. Accordingly to University of Phoenix (2011). Introduction to Security a quote” If security personnel accurately assess the nonverbal behavior they would be able to save lots of people. If the nonverbal communication would not be considered important then the security personnel would not be able to save people unless they communicate verbally and it sometimes becomes difficult when an individual is at gun point”. The security team must provide and learn to properly observe and report the nonverbal behavior to qualified personnel so it will more lives. Verbal communication is a very important tool to use, because it helps security personnel deal with individuals on many different levels that included cultural and age. The two types of verbal communication are oral, and written. It includes a telephonic communication which helps differentia many dialects that individuals speak Recognizing barriers is a constant struggle when it comes to effective communication the following examples discussed in University of Phoenix. (2009). Communication Understanding Barriers below are considered first step in improving communication style with individual who are either language challenged or don’t understand America English.   1. Encoding communication barriers 

 2.  Lack of Sensitivity to Receiver. 
 3. Lack of Basic Communication Skills
4. Insufficient Knowledge of the Subject. 
These barriers that were mentioned are the many obstacles both security personnel, and authorities have to overcome these barriers that the individuals who has a misconception on how to properly communicate with people who speak different dialects. For those individuals who have excellent communication and professional approach to understanding the vocabulary. Will most likely have less trouble of hearing and interpret what language or nonverbal barriers theses individuals will use to frustrate them. Consequently a common work area that consists of bright lights, glares on computer screens, very loud noises, hot and cold environments, and work spaces that have limited physical space to properly have a productive day. The individual will experience more communication breakdowns on a regular basis then normal. Communication is broken down into two separate forms verbal and nonverbal, and has many effects to when it comes to using this form of language within a security setting. Many variables can happen when security needs to use verbal communication or nonverbal. For instance security personnel are dealing with a very volatile situation, and it involves an individual...

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