Secure E-Governance on Open Cloud

Topics: Cloud computing, Security, Information security Pages: 14 (3364 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Secure e-Governance on open Cloud
Dr.Sarat Chandra Babu4, Neeraja Atri 2, Savitha Gowda1, and Sonu Gupta3

Security in cloud environment involves review of the management domain of the cloud and also who owns the rights assignments to the Meta data. Real concerns over who controls the management domain and the meta data rights matters, thus the provider of cloud must be able to not only just technically address the issues but be reviewed from a trust standpoint that is not typical of most Internet relationships. Government departments can save on the overall cost by using cloud infrastructure in maintaining and managing eservices. However the concern is elevated when open source tools play a major role. How secure is e-governance on open cloud?? The objective of this paper is to discuss how e Governance services can be economically deployed on the cloud, the Cloud advantage and also seeks clearance for the undying doubts on the information security. Key words: Cloud computing, e-Governance, Open Source Software, Service oriented Architecture (SOA), Open Cloud; Information Security


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I. Introduction
Government provides numerous services to the public round the clock, a Service oriented Web based framework designed to enable Smart integrated Services to facilitate effective e-Governance by development and deployment of Cloud as the backbone, enabling the Government processes and procedures to achieve an integrated system and also provide an elaborate connectivity between G2G, G2B, G2C and C2C Services is the need of the hour. The Central Government and a number of State Governments have implemented a variety of IT enabled solutions for improving effectiveness of Government services vis-à-vis its citizens. With communication costs falling and various technology options available now, the focus is to harness the investments for the common good of e-Governance across the country both at the Centre and the States, including local bodies and various other value added service providers. Though a number of software solutions have been developed and implemented, both from within the Government and private software solution providers

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Secure e-Governance on Open Cloud

the extent of reuse is not seen widely across different departments, as there is no mechanism of a central repository of software components in the Government, and also due to the fact that there are no common process and design patterns used in the development of solutions that could be shared across all departments in the government. Attempts by various Government departments in the Centre and States at computerization have led to a set of solutions resulting in:

Redundancy in information collection and storage
Varying standards in data formatting and solution implementation Lack of interoperability in the data flows
Various departments having developed same software applications to meet particular needs with varying standards.
Also within government, structure of the Governance demands joined-up information systems, interoperable systems working in a coherent way across the departments. II. The Cloud enigma
Technically "Open Cloud" is a virtualized hosting environment that contains the freedoms associated with open source software, It is said using open source tools on the cloud provides low cost of ownership to the government however we might not have arrived at this literally. The use of open source software in cloud computing can provide the following benefits: availability & access to source code, no license fees, ease of development and integration of new applications, ability to modify, extend & redistribute software, no payment for patches & upgrades, open file formats, avoidance of vendor lock-in...
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