Searle's Chinese Room Analysis

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Submission to a dominating influence -influence of a person, an idea, or an object- is a result of the lack of thinking ability, which consequents to slavery. Slaves are the ones that do not make their own decisions; the ones whose actions are shaped by the directives of authority. The authority thinks, examines, decides and imposes the idea to the slave, abolishing the consciousness of the individual.
Thinking is all the activities of the conscious mind; being conscious is being independent of others, being able to understand and react as an individual. Thoughts of an individual is strongly interfered with through mass media and other devices by community leaders who influence masses to agree with them no matter what their argument is. To...

The computer responds to specific types of commands in its language. If you input data in an accurate system, it will output as desired. Searle’s Chinese Room Experiment is a representation of this input-output system. In this experiment, the subject is given various texts in unknown language to output certain translations. There is no understanding of the text, but just pure functioning. Understanding of the man in the box, or the program, is associated with its intentionality, or in this case, the lack of understanding of the program is a result of its lack of intentionality. Althusser states: “Such intentionality as computers appear to have is solely in the minds of those who program them and those who use them, those who send in the input and those who interpret the output.” Furthermore, we can connect intentionality with being active in a process which makes the programmer active and the program...

The active thinks and hinders the passive from thinking. Freire explains this as the lack of awareness of being oppressed. “One of the gravest obstacles to the achievement of liberation is that oppressive reality absorbs those within it and thereby acts to submerge human beings’ consciousness.” As a consequence of the oppressive reality, the subject loses his sense of truth. The oppressor becomes supported strongly and his errors won’t be noticed. People will always lack the awareness that they are under control of others as ideas. At this stage, slavery is an a concrete form with a definite authority figure and submissive who is dependent on the other for thinking. When the transferred ideas are studied for longer periods and by greater masses, they transform into...
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