I will discuss about the requirements of becoming a Navy Seal. The Navy Seals and Army Rangers may sound as if both requirements are similar and equal, but they have major differences and reasons why those differences are stated true.

To become a Seal, the Cadet must be a active duty soldier to the U.S. Navy, meaning that Cadet must have really good reputation on their records in the line of duty. The Cadet will have served in the navy otherwise the Seals will not accept that Cadet. Next, the Cadet must be able to swim 500 yards less than 12.5 minutes followed by a 10 minute rest, do 42 push ups in under two minutes followed by a 2 minute rest, 50 sit ups in under 2 minutes followed by a 2 minute rest, do 6 pull ups followed by a 10 minute rest, and run 1.5 miles in boots and long pants in less than 11.5 minutes. The Cadet must be a male, because the Seals never accept females to be in the Seals, and the trainings areas takes place in desert regions, and jungle regions based on extreme cold and hot weather, and in urban areas. If that Cadet is able to pass through these required steps, that Cadet then becomes a Seal.

To become a U.S. Army Ranger, the requirement process is very different. Firstly, the Ranger does a required fitness test on the Cadet that wants to join in the Ranger core. The Cadet must do 49 push ups, 59 sit ups, an individual 5 mile release run event finished in 40 minutes or less, and conclude 6 chin ups. The Ranger also adds in other requirements to the Cadet, such as combat water survival tests, Darby mile run events, 5 mile runs, Terrain runs with the Malvesti obstacle course(the ranger course), 12 foot mile march, and night and day navigation tests. The Cadet also must be committed to their duty as a Ranger, have confidence within themselves, and have physical and mental toughness; including training procedures such as executing demolitions in training and airborne refresher training. Between the requirements and

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