Sustaining the Transformation

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Sustaining the Transformation

This book covers the military doctrine that the Marine Corps proudly adheres to. In the course of bootcamp, MCT, and MOS school we are changed, molded, to become the fighting force we are today. During our time in the fleet we keep training to maintain a force of readiness. After our tour of duty, however long that may be, we bring our ethos out into the civilian world. From the time we step on the yellow footprints to about facing on the parade deck we are transformed into marines. Everything we learn if bootcamp can be applied to what we do in the fleet and how we conduct ourselves as marines. MCT teaches us how survive and keep our fellow marines alive in combat situations. All the training we go through instills instincts and knowledge on how to effectively destroy the enemy. MOS school gives us a job to carry out in the Marine Corps and bring that experience out into the civilian world. Once we enter the fleet we are still required to stay on the path of self-improvement. To stay competitive we still have to train every day. From the PFT to the rifle range we must always strive to be the best. Even for promotions we must endeavor to be better than our peers. In the book they talk about Pvt James Smith who pushes to be a better marine in his squad. He looked up to Cpl Wilson and wanted to show him his willingness to be the best marine. All marines have a commitment to uphold the standards and traditions of the Marine Corps. After our journey through the Marine Corps, however long that may be, we bring the Marine Corps to the rest of the world. Honor, Courage, and Commitment can be applied to a lot of things in the outside world. Whatever job we take we bring our ethos as well. Even though we are no longer in the Marine Corps we still have the title of marine. Wherever we go we are still seen as a marine and should always conduct ourselves with the professional matter we did while we were still in. In

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