Scope Management Plan

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1.0 Scope Management Plan:
1.1 Scope Definition
The project scope for the Gauchito rocket will be defined by the project charter and preliminary scope statement as well as the scope management plan and all approved change requests. The work breakdown structure presents the project deliverables in a hierarchical manner and the definition will include the completed work breakdown structure down to the work package level. The work breakdown structure will be based upon the construction plan, which will be strictly adhered to. In order to ensure proper definition of scope the Project Manager will meet with all of the key personnel regarding every facet of this project. All phases of the project will be broken down according to amount of effort required into smaller work packages. 1.2 Scope Documentation

The project scope will be documented through an engineering specs descriptive document that is provided by the customer and has been inputted into the project charter. If there are any discrepancies between the product description and the product requirements, as the product description states the rocket must be 37 feet long, the project charter requires a 7/8 scale which is a 43 foot long rocket, then the project manager and the team will discuss this with the customer and define the actual length. There will be an internal central database set up for this project specifically to allow all project team members access to the same information regarding the exact scope for this project. All documentation specific to this project shall be archived and tracked within this database. 1.3 Scope Verification

The project scope shall be verified through the project scope statement, the project scope management plan, a constant communication with the project sponsor to ensure the deliverables are being met and understood. An inspection of each deliverable shall be performed and shall be compared to the construction plan and the work breakdown structure. The scope...
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