Scientific Matrix

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Scientific Method Matrix

Research is a primary component of sociology. Valid and relevant sociological research is dependent upon a commitment to applying the scientific method in a systematic and organized way in order to ensure maximum objectivity and consistency in research. Complete the following matrix based on a social problem of your choice. The matrix will serve as a guide for creating a preliminary plan for the basic steps of the scientific method.

Scientific Method Matrix

|Social problem |Unemployment/Unemployment Compensation | | |Unemployment refers to the incompetence for willing workers to find useful employment. The degree of unemployment| |Identify a social problem of your |in a nation is one sign of the economic health of the country. Many unemployed will try to receive unemployment | |choice. |compensation which is payments made by the state to those unemployed. | |Problem definition | | | |Is unemployment compensation worth the time and effort for those who resign or discharge for a cause? | |A problem statement is often written | | |as a research question. Limit the | | |problem statement to one sentence. | | | |...
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