Scientific Management

Topics: Management, Time, Science Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: August 20, 2013
Hill, M. 2001. The rise of factory system. In: D, J. eds. 2001. Organization Theory. Kindle ed. Boston: pp. 42-55.

Fredrick Winslow Taylor gave the theory of scientific management in 1990 he was also know as father of management. Taylor believed that worker control over the production knowledge and know-how placed owners at a serious disadvantage. He did not favor the way in which the workers used to work, as they were not creative enough to produce productivity in an organization. By his experiences, Taylor was able to define four principles of management, which would result in success for both managers and workers. The first principle is to develop a science for each element of the job, which replaces the rule of thumb, the second principle is mangers should scientifically select and then train, teach and develop the workers, the third principle is that mangers should cooperate with workers to ensure all the work is being done in accordance with the science developed, and the forth and the last principle is an almost equal division of the work and the responsibility should be established. The main aim for writing this essay is to 'analysis the advantages and disadvantages of Scientific Management in the past and present and to arrive at a conclusion about whether Scientific Management is appropriate in workplaces today and for worker motivation in particular.


Scientific management is the systematic study of relationships between people and task for the purpose of redesigning the work process to increase the efficiency (Jones, G. and George, J. 2003: McGraw-Hill/Irwin: pp. 40). According to F.W.Tylor that if the amount and time and effort each worker expended to produce one unit of output can be reduced by specialization and division of labor and the production process will become more efficient. He believed that to encourage workers to perform at high level of efficiency, and to provide them with an...
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