Science Vs. Religion

Topics: Pope John Paul II, Faith, Religion Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: November 12, 2013
Science vs. Religion
Just exactly how did we all get here? Through the force of God, or by the powerful “Big Bang”? Over the centuries the two theories have conflicted with one another to find out the truth. Science and Religion are based upon a never-ending search for greater knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the universe. So, how are the two related, and how in turn do the two contradict each other?

The difference between science and religion is that religion knows “how things come to be this way” and looks around at “what is” for support of their beliefs. On the other hand science looks around at “what is” and comes up with an idea or hypothesis of “how things come to be this way” with data and research for evidence. The conflict between the two is that science relies on experimental verification, while religion relies on faith. Religion teaches us how to live our lives through faith and goodness to one another and in ourselves. For the most part science is very important for the understanding of how things are made up. Biology and chemistry are important for out understanding of the importance of the human body and its molecular structure, but science doesn’t teach us the moral values that religion teaches us. Science and religion are similar contrary to belief; for example, they both explain how we came to be. Science and religion both address fundamentally separate forms of knowledge and aspects of life. Scientists and Christians also believe that the world was created for a reason, maybe not by the same respect, but still for the same thought. Even though science and religion have their differences in beliefs and views on how everything came to be, they both come together as ones own belief and understanding of the universe. Pope John Paul II once said, “Faith and reason are like two wings on which the human spirit rises to the contemplation of truth.” For the most part, having a science major at a Christian University can affect your...
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